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The new generation of plastic Howler alarms has been developed with certain key improvements, as highlighted below, but the meaty battery and unmistakable siren remain unchanged.

TOUGH New style ABS plastic casing – designed for demanding environments. VISIBLE Large symbols and 45° angle for maximum viewing distances and recognition, particularly in corridors. SECURE Security fastening protecting you against sabotage. RELIABLE Long lasting PP9 battery guarantees that the message gets out.

The Howler Fire Alarm range has developed over a number of years in response to customer needs. Each unit offers unique advantages, but reliability, longevity, durability, simplicity and adaptability are common to all.

With a wide range of temporary fire alarms, fire points and system options, we’ll ensure you stay safe on site.
Howler HO Series - Hi-spec, highly dependable systems, offering unrivalled choice and flexibility.
Howler GoLink Wireless - All the strengths of our other ranges, but with wireless connectivity.
Howler GoLink with First Aid Assistance - Wireless connectivity with first aid assistance function.
Howler Site Alert - Perfect for slightly smaller sites and smaller budgets. Reliable and tough.
Howler HO Series
Howler GoLink Wireless
Howler GoLink with First Aid Assist
Howler Site Alert
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