The Howler range of battery operated fire alarms deliver a vital message; it is simply: GET OUT!
In the event of a fire, no-one would question the power of this communication.

Every Howler must be 100% reliable. The continually growing family of Howlers in the product range have all been developed in response to user needs. They all aim to help you get the message out FAST. Every time.
Continuous development
The Howler fire alarm range has developed over a number of years in response to user needs. Each member of the family offers unique advantages and molecular structure, but the basic building blocks are the same. These are:
Reliability • Longevity • Durability • Simplicity • Adaptability

In the real world one size does not fit all, and that is why the range of Howler products is so extensive. You can choose between the Aluminium or ABS ranges; you can select the switchgear to suit your situation; you can interlink Howlers on larger sites; you can opt for a red flashing beacon in noisy environments. Maybe you need to pinpoint where a Howler has been activated – the Multilink Control Panel solves this problem.

All in all we at howlerfirealarms.co.uk believe that this product range is the best in it's class.